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Averting Fall Rodent Problems In Missouri Commercial Facilities


There are many ways rodents can have a negative impact on Missouri's commercial facilities, but the bottom line is that they can hurt your bottom line. It doesn't matter if you own or run a small retail store or a large mall. It doesn't matter if you handle food or work on people's taxes. Rodents can have an impact on you, your staff, and your customers. While the threat these pests present varies depending on the type of business, there is one thing all businesses have in common: Fall is an important time of year to work on rodent prevention.

When Rodents Get In

If rodents get into your business, they can bring ticks and fleas in with them. They can chew on your belongings or belongings you are storing for someone else. They can contaminate items with their feces and urine. They can scare customers and employees. The list goes on and on.

Why Rodents Get in

Most of the time, rodents get in by accident. They see a small hole and they squeeze through it and explore what is beyond the hole. Sometimes they find a small hole and they make the small hole larger, then they crawl through. During the fall months, when temperatures drop, they have more reason to want to check out holes, especially if there is heat leaking out.

What Holes Rodents Use

  • Damaged door sweeps.
  • Gaps in weatherstripping.
  • Gaps around the frame of doors and windows, especially basement doors and windows.
  • Damaged or missing window and door screens.
  • Wood that has been softened by moisture.
  • Vent openings that are unprotected, and also openings that are protected. If a rodent can get proper footing, they can make short work of chewing through a flimsy vent cover.

What To Use to Seal Entry Points

  • A quick fix for entry points is usually a caulking gun. Fill holes, seal cracks, and cover gaps with a high quality caulk to keep rodents out.
  • Repair foundation cracks with a foundation repair kit.
  • Use expanding foam for larger gaps and openings, such as the gap around plumbing pipes.
  • Steel mesh is sometimes required if there is an opening that is continually targeted by rodents. While some rodents can chew through steel mesh, it is harder and it can deter them from making the effort.

Other Control Methods

The fewer rodents you have around your commercial facility, the less trouble you'll have with rodents. A good sanitation program can go a long way toward keeping rodent populations lower.

For the best control of rodents around commercial facilities, it is best to call Pinnacle Solutions. We offer industry-leading rodent control for Missouri businesses in our service area. If you don't have a commercial pest control plan in place, or you're not achieving effective results with your current plan, reach out to us today. We can help you get control of commercial pest issues.