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What Parents & Teachers Need To Know About Bed Bugs In Kansas City Schools


Pretty much all insects and creatures bring Kansas City residents distress. They’re scary and can destroy property. A great many are capable of harming humans and/or spreading disease too. For business owners, pest infestations can cost them their operational licenses, patrons, and/or employees. They have to put safety first, or they could lose everything.
Bed bugs are on this list of concerning critters. They pierce human skin, suck blood, and leave red, itchy welts on our bodies. They procreate at a fast rate, and can easily follow people around. School officials have to be proactive in preventing them, so as not to worry parents, students, and teachers. The more you know about bed bugs and Pinnacle Solutions’ commercial control, the better.

How and Why Do Bed Bugs Enter Schools?

Bed bugs are constantly on the search for blood; it’s vital to their survival. Therefore, they gravitate to locations heavily occupied by humans and animals. You can pick up these critters just about anywhere: hospitals, hotels, offices, bus stations, and especially schools. They will quietly crawl into clothes, backpacks, purses, duffel bags, and the like. That’s how students inadvertently bring them home. It can also happen in a reverse way; students may have a bed bug problem at home and carry the bloodsuckers into the school.

  • Other items bed bugs are likely to inhabit include:
  • Couches
  • Upholstery
  • Fabrics
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Wallpaper
  • Flooring
  • Wood Trim

Common bed bugs are about ¼ of an inch long in size. Their reddish-brown bodies are oval, with a strangely shaped midsection. Their heads are noticeably smaller than their bottoms. They have six legs and two antennas. Young bed bugs are translucent, while the eggs they hatch from are pearly white.

Bites, odors, and stains are all signs of infestation. When they bite you, the bumps from bed bug bites will cluster together or appear in a line. As bed bugs fester, they emit a musty smell. They make stains as they release blood and waste. The blood droplets and smudges appear red or reddish-brown while their feces are black or brown.

How Can We Prevent Bed Bugs?

Preventing bed bugs is all about catching them in the act, as soon as possible. To do so, regular and thorough inspections are key. Additionally, uncomfortable conversations will need to be had. School employees and parents have to be in communication when they detect or suspect bed bug activity. Exercising discretion and non-discriminatory practices are essential. That way, people will feel at ease about coming forward with reports. Specific steps in fending off these insects are as follows:

  • Examine furniture, foundations, flooring, and curtains with a flashlight. Be sure to look at crevices in particular.
  • Check for indicators inside drawers, electronics, bags, and clothes.
  • Wash clothes in hot water, and dry them for at least 20 minutes on high.
  • Discourage people from placing their bags on the floor, or near the belongings of others.

What Can Pinnacle Solutions Do About Bed Bugs?

While being aware of a bed bug infestation is alarming, students won’t have to stay home and miss school. Taking the previously mentioned precautionary measures should suffice for immediate protection. The most important thing you can do is contact Pinnacle Solutions about extermination for the school in question. We offer exclusive and specialized bed bug treatments for commercial properties. “Do it yourself” methods are largely ineffective and can be hazardous. If you want to solve the issue quickly and completely, bring in the experts.

Our commercial specialists are highly trained and hold advanced degrees and certifications in the industry. They’ll be able to utilize our top-notch products with efficiency and precision. Call today to take advantage of our flexible scheduling and free consultations!