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How To Tell If Your Wichita Business Has A Mouse Problem


The common house mouse is an incredibly pervasive and invasive species around human neighborhoods. These small rodents, characterized by their solid coats of fur, typically a shade of gray or light brown, are more than willing to move into a large business complex or small company’s plot of land. In fact, house mice are among the top invaders of businesses in the nation. The threat of these rodents in Wichita is consistent each year, so if you want to keep your Wichita business pest-free, you need to know what to watch out for.

Warning Signs Of A House Mouse Infestation

If you suspect your business has mice, it is crucial to take a step back from the situation and assess it. Look for the following warning signs of a house mouse population.

  • Mouse droppings: Around the size of the typical grain of rice and much darker in color, mice dropping serve as a wake-up call for previously unaware business owners. Use gloves if you clean these droppings up as they can contain disease-causing organisms.
  • Chew marks: The common house mouse’s powerful front incisors grow continuously over the course of their lives. Any chew marks left on the property or products at your Wichita business are a red flag and a messy one at that. Don’t expect mice to clean up the debris they nibble off food containers, wood furniture, and more.
  • Noises: Whether they resonate from the space in between your walls, the rafters above your head, or the panels beneath your feet, if you hear the scampering of rodents, take it as a sign that a thorough search of the surrounding area needs to be conducted.
  • The creature itself: This is the surest sign at all. Keep in mind the old saying that says, where you see one mouse, there’s bound to be plenty more you don’t see.

The Problems House Mice Can Present To Your Wichita Business

Surely, you know the nightmare of every business owner. Without warning, the health inspector shows up, analyzes your commercial facility, and condemns you for a rodent infestation you didn’t even realize you had. But why are such small, cute-looking fuzzballs such a threat?

A mouse might destroy the lighting in your Wichita headquarters by chewing through wires. This also has the potential to spark a fire. House mice will tear up insulation,  searching for material for their nests. They will also collect any soft materials they can find from clothing, rugs, etc. If a mouse attempts to build its nest in ventilation shafts, it can clog the airways and break the system. Furthermore, mice can spread a number of diseases such as leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM), tularemia, and salmonellosis.

If you want to avoid the myriad of problems associated with the presence of house mice, whether your Wichita business is in the midst of a pest management crisis or is simply at risk of one, you’re going to need professional assistance. For tried and true mouse extermination and prevention strategies, contact the experts at Pinnacle Solutions.