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The Dangers Of Pests In Your Wichita Healthcare Facility

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Owning and running a business is hard enough when you aren’t directly responsible for people’s health and well-being. When it comes to working in the medical field, keeping up with sanitation is vital. If you have never stopped to think about how pests could be affecting your healthcare facility and the many dangers they could be posing to your staff and patients, here is everything you need to know.

The Types Of Pest That Invade Healthcare Facilities

Many pests commonly invade and cause trouble around healthcare facilities. Amongst the most common are cockroaches, fleas, ticks, rodents, flies, mosquitoes, and bed bugs. Why do these pests find your facility so inviting? For a few different reasons. Some pests invade to find food indoors around your kitchen, in cafeterias, or inside individual rooms where people eat and drop scraps on the floor. Another common reason why pests invade is to find shelter from conditions outdoors such as excess heat, moisture, stormy weather, or cold temperatures. Finally, pests like bed bugs, fleas, and ticks infest healthcare facilities to feed on human blood. 

Pests Spread Bacteria and Parasites

The majority of pests live in dirty environments and eat unclean things. This type of behavior often leaves pests covered and filled with dangerous bacteria. Creatures like cockroaches, rodents, and flies spread these sicknesses around health care facilities over tabletops, around bedrooms, and over prepared food. 
In the same way pests spread bacteria, they also pick up and carry dangerous parasites. These small microorganisms often spread diseases, including babesiosis, leishmaniasis, and malaria. 

Some Pests Bring In Other Pests

Some pests, like fleas and ticks, sometimes require a little help to get indoors. They will often hitchhike rides on the backs of mice, rats, or squirrels to get inside. If you don’t know, fleas and ticks are both vectors for many disease-causing organisms and are a severe threat to both your patience and medical staff.

The Destructive Nature Of Pests

Your biggest concern with pests should always be the threat they pose to your health. However, please don’t turn your eyes away from how destructive they can be. Pests like termites, rodents, and carpenter ants cause extensive damage to properties. Termites are especially troublesome due to how silently they invade and the rate at which they can chew through wood. 

Pests Are Difficult To Prevent

Effectively preventing pests is difficult, especially when you consider the size and scope of a large facility. In protecting an entire hospital or medical building, finding an effective way to seal the whole exterior and apply treatments appropriately is a job that requires professional attention.

Why You Need A Professionals Help For Pests 

To effectively run a healthcare facility takes a lot of effort, care, and attention. To take the threat pests pose off your plate, let the experts at Pinnacle Solutions provide your building with the quality pest control treatments it needs. We take pride in our advanced commercial services and care deeply that your patients are adequately protected against the many dangers of pests. With years of experience and a long list of accreditations and awards for premium service, you can be sure you are making the right choice when you pick Pinnacle.
Reach out to our team today to find out more about our comprehensive commercial pest control services or discuss your medical facility options. One of our Commercial Specialists will customize a pest protection plan for your facility.