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The Key To Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Wichita Hotel


If you live in or around Wichita, chances are you've seen your fair share of rodents. Mice, rats, and other rodents are a common problem in this area and can be a real nuisance. Not only are they a pain, but rodents cause damage and spread disease.

If you own a Wichita hotel, it's vital to take steps to prevent rodents from getting inside. The last thing you want is for your guests to wake up in the middle of the night to a mouse running across their bed!

Pest control in Wichita is the key to keeping rodents out of your hotel. You can keep your hotel free of these unwanted pests by taking some simple precautions.

About The Rodents That Invade Hotels In Wichita

The three main types of rodents that invade hotels in Wichita are mice, rats, and squirrels. While all three of these rodents can be a nuisance, they can also pose a serious health risk.

Mice are the most common type of rodent that invades hotels. These tiny rodents are attracted to the food and water that hotels offer. Mice can squeeze through narrow openings, which makes it easy for them to get into your hotel.

Rats are another common rodent attracted to the food and water in hotels. They are larger than mice, and they can cause more damage. Both mice and rats carry diseases that can be harmful to humans.

Squirrels typically enter hotels in search of a place to nest. Squirrels are not typically attracted to the food and water in hotels, but they can get inside if they find an opening. Once they're inside, they can cause damage to your hotel and scare your guests.

The Sighting Of Just One Mouse Can Be A Disaster For Your Hotel

While one mouse might not seem like a big deal, sighting just one mouse can be a disaster for your hotel. Mice are known to reproduce quickly, so if you see one mouse, there's a good chance there are more. 

Not only can mice reproduce quickly, but they also spread a number of illnesses, including:

  • Hantavirus
  • Salmonella
  • Leptospirosis
  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis
  • Tularemia
  • E. coli

Your guests don't need to come into contact with a mouse to contract these health issues. They can spread through indirect contact with the droppings and urine mice leave behind. Putting your guests' health at risk can ruin your reputation.

The Many Ways Rodents Can Find Their Way Inside Your Hotel

Rodents in Wichita can find their way into your hotel in many ways. The most common way is through openings in the exterior of your hotel. Mice and rats can squeeze through tiny openings, so checking for cracks and holes in your hotel's foundation is essential.

Another way Kansas rodents can enter your hotel is through doors and windows. Make sure all doors and windows in your hotel latch tightly and install weather stripping and door sweeps. If doors and windows fail to seal properly, rodents can easily get inside.

You should also check for gaps around pipes and electrical wires or other places where utilities enter the building. These are other common ways for rodents to get into your hotel.

Proactive Professional Rodent Control Is A Smart Idea For Your Hotel

The best way to prevent rodents in Kansas from getting into your hotel is to be proactive. A professional pest control company like Pinnacle Solutions should inspect your hotel regularly for signs of rodents. 

If you see any evidence of rodents in your Wichita hotel, it's crucial to take action right away. The longer you wait, the more time they have to multiply. At Pinnacle Solutions, we can get rid of rodents quickly and effectively. You can also prevent future infestations with our help.

Using advanced technology and eco-friendly products, we identify the rodent species on your property and provide consistent treatment to eradicate your rodent problem. Feel free to contact us at Pinnacle Solutions to get started and to learn more about our commercial pest control services in Wichita!