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How To Protect Your Wichita Restaurant From Dangerous Cockroach Infestation


If you own a restaurant, you understand how important it is to have a pest-free establishment. If cockroaches invade your restaurant, not only can it instantly ruin your reputation, but it can also cause your customers to become ill and put you in direct violation of certain health codes. 

At Pinnacle Solutions, we have been providing commercial pest control in Wichita for years. We know the best way to keep your restaurant safe from the many types of cockroaches that are commonly found in this area.

How To Spot Warning Signs Of Roaches In The Restaurant

Cockroaches in Wichita are small and able to squeeze into various hard-to-reach places. They will build nests behind your walls and inside cabinets and can freely travel through the drains. They like to stay out of sight and will usually only travel out in the open if the lights are off and no one is around. However, as soon as you turn on your lights, you may see a few of them scurrying across your kitchen to return to their hiding spots. They can run very fast. If you are unable to catch them with your own eyes, some of the other cockroach signs that you can look out for include:

  • Roach droppings: Roach droppings usually look like tiny black specs resembling coffee grounds. Sometimes, larger species of roaches will have more cylindrical-shaped droppings. 
  • Small holes in food packages: Roaches can nibble through paper and some plastic packages. They can easily eat away at plastic bags and wrappers.
  • Musty smell: If you have a cockroach infestation in your restaurant, you will likely smell a foul musty odor that may have a slight mildew smell to it. All roaches have pheromones that are released when they defecate or urinate. The pheromones are used to communicate with other roaches but do not smell pleasant. 
  • Roach eggs: Instead of laying individual roach eggs, roaches lay one egg sac that can hold up to 30 nymphs at one time. These sacs called ootheca, are usually brown, shaped like a rectangle, and measure only a few millimeters long. 

Roaches are attracted to any type of food, even rotten food. They also prefer moist and warm areas. Cockroaches are commonly found in restaurants around garbage cans, under sinks, and underneath ovens. 

The Impact Of A Cockroach Infestation On A Restaurant

Roaches are one of the most dangerous bugs that will ever invade your restaurant. They carry and spread a variety of bacteria and diseases. If you have a roach infestation in your restaurant, your employees or customers could become infected with various illnesses, such as salmonellosis, listeriosis, cholera, and typhoid fever. Because they can easily spread harmful pathogens, the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) has classified roach infestations as a "critical violation" if found inside your restaurant. 

Prevent Cockroaches In Your Restaurant In Your Restaurant: Tips And Best Practices

If you want to keep roaches out of your restaurant, some of the best preventative steps to take include:

  • Thoroughly clean all countertops, floors, sinks, and tables often.
  • Take out the trash regularly.
  • Make sure that the dumpsters are kept as far away as possible from your restaurant.
  • Keep all food non-refrigerated or frozen in an airtight made of thick plastic.

The best way to keep roaches out of your restaurant is to team up with a professional pest control company. A professional can regularly inspect your property to ensure that bugs stay away.

Contact Us For Total Cockroach Control For Your Wichita Restaurant

If you want to ensure that you will never see a roach inside your Wichita restaurant again, give us a call today. At Pinnacle Solutions, we offer a comprehensive commercial pest control solutions that will keep these pesky bugs away from your restaurant for good.