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What To Do If You Have Wildlife Around Your Wichita Commercial Facility


Wildlife pests are among the most annoying and problematic kinds of pests for any business owner to deal with. You already have more than enough to do without the additional stress of trying to get rid of pests and repair the damage they can cause.

In order to help you understand how best to combat these pests, this article will focus on the principles of wildlife control for Wichita businesses. We’ll talk about why this type of pest can cause so much trouble, some common kinds of wildlife pests you might encounter, and a few warning signs of wildlife activity to watch out for.

Lastly, we’ll discuss the best way to protect your business or commercial facility from wildlife pests in Wichita – working with a professional Wichita pest control company. Pinnacle Solutions has been serving area businesses for years, and we’re always happy to assist our clients.

Why Wichita Wildlife Is Disastrous For Business

First, let’s establish what makes wildlife pests such a problem for businesses and commercial buildings. Understanding the threats these pests pose is a key component of wildlife control. 

Wildlife pests are primarily a problem for businesses because of property damage. Wildlife pests often destroy lawns by digging them up or making burrows in them. They can also damage insulation, electrical wiring, siding, lights, or security cameras.

On top of this, there are health concerns as well. Some wild animals carry deadly diseases, such as rabies, contracted from animal bites. Parasites like mites, ticks, fleas, and others also frequently live on wild animals. If you can’t manage pests around your property, your customers might feel less inclined to trust you with their business.

Next, we’ll talk about another important facet of wildlife pest control – common wildlife pests in your area.

Common Wildlife Threats Facing Wichita Businesses

Wichita has a wide range of wildlife pests. From rats, mice, and squirrels to raccoons, opossums, and skunks, there’s no shortage of pests that can cause trouble for your business.

Rats and mice can get into buildings and cause food contamination, spread disease, and damage property. Squirrels will get into trash cans, make nests in gutters, and chew on beams, pipes, electrical wires, and more if they get inside. Raccoons are omnivores that will eat almost anything and often damage screens, vents, and other entry points to get into buildings. Opossums and skunks, like raccoons, are known to carry rabies. Skunks will dig up lawns, while opossums often make their nests inside established structures, causing long-term property damage.

It’s often best to contact a Wichita wildlife control company if you see activity from any of these pests.

Warning Signs You Have Wildlife Activity

It’s essential to watch for signs of wildlife pests around your business or commercial facility.

Here are a few common indicators that can alert you to the presence of these pests:

  • Scratching, chewing, or other damage to exterior surfaces like shingles, siding, or gutters
  • Areas of a lawn that have been burrowed into or dug up
  • Large amounts of animal droppings in a small area
  • Debris, such as scattered trash or nesting materials

By watching out for these signs, you can potentially prevent a wildlife pest infestation. If you notice any of these signs around your business, a professional wildlife removal service can help you get rid of the problematic pest.

Protect Your Commercial Property From Wildlife With Help From Pinnacle

If you’re dealing with wildlife pests in Wichita, don’t hesitate to contact Pinnacle Solutions. We’ve been working in the pest control industry for years, helping business owners keep their businesses and commercial properties safe from pests of all kinds. We go above and beyond standard pest control practices to make sure that your pest-related problems go away and stay away. We’re the best commercial wildlife control service in the area.

Contact Pinnacle Solutions today for more information about our commercial pest control services in Wichita.