Reliable Pest Control Services For Dodge City, KS Businesses

Dodge City, KS, is exactly what you’d picture if you were to think of the quintessential, Old West town. Our history tells stories of cowboys hanging out in saloons, but they weren’t the only ones hanging out in there. Pest activity has been around since the beginning of time, and they were most certainly present in our town’s old-time scenes of the West. Today, pests are just as much of a problem, and that makes your Dodge City business susceptible to infestation. Maybe you don’t run a saloon, exactly, but your commercial facility is still filled with pest attractants, and business owners should beware.
Pinnacle Solutions provides trusted commercial pest control services to properties across Ford County and the surrounding areas. Our team of licensed specialists is highly trained in the comprehensive identification, extermination, and prevention of pest activity in commercial facilities. We offer a broad selection of services such as general pest control, bird control, healthcare, and food safety. Whatever type of pest problem you’re dealing with, we’re here to help.

Commercial Pest Control In Dodge City, KS

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We hate to break it to you, but your business is filled with pest attractants. There are ample sources of food, water, and shelter all-around your property, and that is the trio of every pest’s dreams. As these intruders make their way inside, they compromise every aspect of your business - the structure of your facility, the health, and safety of your customers and employees, your inventory, your revenue, not to mention your reputation. Infestation is a nightmare you should avoid at all costs, and that’s why professional pest protection is the only way to go.
Our commercial pest control services cover a long list of facilities from pest infestation. Our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions effectively target the core of your infestation and treat it from the inside out. We design customized service plans for your infestation and your particular business. No matter the nature of your pest situation, give us a call and we’ll figure it out together.

Professional Pest Control For Healthcare Facilities In Dodge City, KS

If you run a healthcare facility, people put a lot of trust in your ability to maintain a safe environment. When practicing healthcare, there’s an unspoken agreement that the property is safe, allowing patients to focus solely on their health. The presence of pests in your facility breaks that trust. Infestation endangers your patients, your facility, and your reputation.
Doctor’s offices, hospitals, and nursing homes are resources for people who have health issues and vulnerable immune systems. So, adding a pest infestation into the mix compromises everything. Contaminated medical tools, bacteria-ridden surfaces, and damaged machinery all lead to serious consequences for your patients. In order for patients to trust you, your facility absolutely cannot have any pest activity. Reach out to Pinnacle Solutions today to discuss your healthcare pest control needs.



What All Dodge City, KS Property Owners Should Know About Termites

Termites are highly destructive pests that can cause serious property damage. They are cellulose eaters that feed on the structural timbers of your building. Over time, they weaken the construction, putting everyone inside the property in harm’s way. Termite damage affects your bottom line, and it can be very hard to come back from.
If you’re still not convinced, consider the colossal expense of termite damage. The NPMA estimates that U.S. home and business owners spend $5 billion every single year on termite damage repair and prevention costs. It’s a complete nightmare, and it’s not a risk worth taking. The best way to protect the future of your business is to rely on the professionals. Pinnacle Solutions offers complete termite control and prevention services that you can count on, so contact us and we’ll set up an inspection right away.

The Importance Of Food Safety For Your Dodge City, KS Business

Say you own a restaurant, and you find out a customer ended up with food poisoning. It’s a horrible feeling, knowing there was something you could have to done differently to prevent it. Well, one thing you can certainly do is keep your kitchen clean, and that means absolutely zero pest activity.
Pests contaminate utensils, dishes, vulnerable prep surfaces, not to mention the food itself. If you end up serving your customers bacteria-ridden dishes it will destroy your reputation. People go to restaurants, trusting that the food they’re eating is safe. Pest activity breaks that trust and drives patrons away. That’s why professional food safety services are so crucial. Call Pinnacle Solutions today to learn more about our food safety programs and how they can benefit your business.


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