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Protect Your Brand From Being Damaged By Flies!

Small flies have a short life cycle, making it easy for them to multiply quickly when their food sources and breeding sites are available. In addition, to being a nuisance to both customers and employees, small flies may carry a variety of different harmful bacteria and pathogens as they travel from their breeding sites to your storage areas, food items, and the surfaces within your commercial facility. In addition, lost business, health inspector scrutiny, and employee complaints may result if they are not properly managed.

Effective Integrated Pest Management

a swarm of drain flies on a drain pipe in wichita kansas

Here at Pinnacle Solutions, our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services for treating and eliminating small flies include the following steps:

  • Fly Identification

  • Inspection/Monitoring

  • Eliminating Conducive Conditions (1. Sanitation 2. Physical/Mechanical)

  • Chemical Control Services/Treatments

  • Final Evaluation

Since small flies are typically considered a sanitation pest, taking sanitation measures is the most important part of a successful IPM fly control program.

At Pinnacle, our commercial treatment plan utilizes green products to treat and clean common breeding areas and effectively solve your fly problem.

How Can Pinnacle Solutions Help?

  • Our process of applying green products and natural cleaning agents eliminates the source of the problem, not masking it like many other protocols.

  • Premium microbes are applied via foaming, spraying and/or pouring onto surfaces and drains that are present with organic debris.

  • Microbes digest organic debris, eliminating the breeding and food sites of small flies.

  • Green insecticides turn organic debris into a bait the flies do not realize they are eating, killing the larvae and adults

  • We can apply our products while your kitchen is in operation, allowing minimal disruption to your operation.

To protect your commercial kitchen and brand from small flies with our drain maintenance services, contact Pinnacle today!


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