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Lawrence, a large college town in Kansas, is home to the University of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University. Lawrence is also home to many diverse industries including agriculture and manufacturing. To protect the many industries and businesses located throughout Lawrence, the dedicated pest control specialists at Pinnacle Solutions offer effective commercial pest control services. We specialize in taking care of the unique pest control needs of every industry we serve. Our professionals take pride in protecting the brand and reputation of Kansas businesses. To learn more about our comprehensive, effective commercial pest control solutions, give us a call today.

Commercial Pest Control In Lawrence, KS

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Pinnacle Solutions understands just how frustrating it can be when pests begin to damage your inventory and/or facility, drive away your customers, and lower your employee’s morale. To combat pests, we offer several commercial pest control programs to keep your property free of pests throughout the entire year. 

Pinnacle Solutions is a QualityPro Certified company that not only offers exceptional pest control but also the highest level of customer service possible. Our highly trained and state-licensed commercial specialists will protect your facility and reputation from being damaged by a variety of pests such as rodents, spiders, flies, termites, bed bugs, and pest birds. Our specialists work closely with business owners and managers to develop comprehensive, customized treatment plans to meet every business’s unique needs. To learn more about our commercial pest control, give Pinnacle Solutions a call today.

The Importance Of Drain Maintenance In Lawrence, KS

Maintaining your Lawrence commercial facility’s drains will provide the following benefits:

  • Prevent the build-up of slimy, smelly debris.

  • Keep customers returning and your employees happy.

  • Keep drain flies from breeding in your drains.

Drain flies are small moth-like flies with wings covered in hairs. These small flies congregate around sewers, drains, and other areas high in moisture. Drain flies mate and lay eggs in the debris that builds-up in drains. To help you maintain your facility’s drains, Pinnacle Solutions, and our commercial specialists provide accurate identification of the flies present, eliminate the conditions that are attracting them (clogged drains), and provide the necessary chemical control and/or treatment services to eliminate them. For additional information about the benefits of our fly control program, give us a call today.

Problems Pest Birds Cause In Lawrence, KS

Pest birds such as pigeons and geese can cause a variety of dangerous and costly problems for commercial property owners. Common problems that pest birds can cause include:

  • The spread of dangerous bacteria and disease.

  • Dried bird droppings that become airborne can transmit histoplasmosis, a very serious respiratory illness. 

  • Bird droppings that build up on the ground can lead to slip-and-fall hazards.

  • Their droppings are corrosive and, over time, will damage stone, metal, and brick. 

  • Birds can spread trash and other debris.

  • They can cause damage to fans and other ventilation equipment.

If pest birds have become a problem on your Lawrence commercial property, reach out to Pinnacle Solutions. We offer effective pest bird control through inspections, treatment, and follow-up services.

Protect Your Lawrence, KS Commercial Property From Termite Damage

Termites aren’t just a problem for homeowners, they can enter commercial facilities at any time where they have the potential to, over time, cause significant and costly structural damage. To protect your commercial facility from wood-eating termites, Pinnacle Solutions offers effective termite control services. Our commercial specialists will eliminate termites and put into place the prevention methods needed to stop future infestations. We can protect Lawrence commercial properties from these wood-destroying pests through inspections, customized treatment plans, and treatment that includes the installation of bait stations and liquid spot treatments. Pinnacle Solutions also offers the added benefit of a warranty on our termite control services that is renewable each year. To schedule a termite inspection, contact Pinnacle Solutions today. 


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