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The city of Topeka is a city full of opportunity, thriving businesses, and exceptional attractions and amenities. One amenity that many commercial facilities benefit from is professional pest control services because of all the pests that invade our businesses. Protect your facility from Topeka pests with the help of the professional pest control technicians at Pinnacle Solutions. Our team of commercial specialists is committed to offering customized pest control solutions. To learn more about our unique commercial pest control solutions, reach out to Pinnacle Solutions today.

Commercial Pest Control In Topeka, KS

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Pinnacle Solutions is experienced in using modern solutions to protect Kansas businesses from both nuisance and dangerous pests. By partnering with us, you can ensure your commercial facility (and your reputation) will be protected from these pests. Our commercial specialists can protect your business from being invaded by a wide variety of pests including rodents, spiders, Indian meal moths, flies, termites, bed bugs, pest birds, and more. Our commercial pest control process includes:

  • Completing a thorough inspection of your business by one of our commercial specialists.

  • The creation of a customized pest control treatment program.

  • Implementation of a monthly commercial pest management plan.

  • Professional recommendations to ensure current pest problems are eliminated and help prevent future infestations.

To learn more about partnering with our QualityPro certified company to protect your business from Kansas’s invasive pests, contact Pinnacle Solutions today.

Problems Pest Birds Cause In Topeka, KS

Pest birds are a huge problem for commercial properties. They spread diseases, damage structures, and destroy equipment and ventilation systems, and their droppings are unsightly, corrosive, and can lead to slip-and-fall accidents.
To stop your commercial property from becoming a home to large populations of pest birds like pigeons, Pinnacle Solutions offers effective pest bird control. To control pest birds on your Topeka commercial property we offer the following:

  • Inspection

  • Treatment

  • Follow-up services

Give Pinnacle Solutions a call today to learn more about our bird control solutions. By working together we can ensure that pest birds are not damaging your business, facility, or reputation.

Why Cockroaches In Topeka, KS Cause So Much Harm In Food Processing Facilities

Cockroaches are dangerous pests that need to be kept out of businesses. These invasive pests are drawn to dark places that offer them easy access to food sources. This, unfortunately, means that food-processing facilities make a perfect home for cockroaches.

Some of the many reasons why roaches are able to cause so much harm to food-processing facilities include:

  • They are highly mobile and can find their way inside a number of different ways. Through open delivery doors, through cracks in exterior walls, inside packages and deliveries. They can even be accidentally introduced by employees or customers.

  • Once inside, food-processing facilities offer a wide variety of places for them to hide out of sight.

  • Cockroaches can chew through food packaging.

  • They carry and transmit a wide variety of bacteria, human pathogens, and parasites.

To guard your business, inventory, customers, and employees from cockroaches, partner with the commercial pest control experts at Pinnacle Solutions. Our monthly commercial pest management plan provides peace of mind knowing that your facility will be protected from invasive cockroaches.

Protect Your Topeka, KS Commercial Facility From Termite Damage 

Termites are commonly known to invade and cause extensive damage to homes, but termites are also a significant problem for business owners, invading commercial facilities, sometimes going unnoticed for months or even years. To protect your commercial facility’s structural integrity from being damaged by termites, Pinnacle Solutions offers effective termite control. We offer thorough inspections, customized treatment plans, and treatment through the installation of bait stations and liquid spot treatments.
If you spot what you think is termite activity in or around your Topeka commercial property, contact Pinnacle Solutions immediately. The faster help is sought, the faster these wood-eating termites will be stopped. To learn more about our termite control process, reach out to us today. 


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