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The Best Way To Protect Your Wichita Commercial Facility From Nuisance Wildlife


Wichita is said to be "the heart of the country." It's a friendly place committed to creating an environment that lures people of all ages to visit and make it their permanent home. Wichita says it is a city that welcomes everyone; however, with abundant wildlife, it might be best not to roll out the red carpet. Without expert commercial pest control in Wichita, you may have some unwanted guests showing up and causing trouble at your facility.

Common Types Of Wildlife Found In Wichita

While Wichita is a bustling city, plenty of areas share space with the animals of the great outdoors. Wildlife from afar can be stunning to watch, but when critters start making trouble on your grounds and within your commercial facility, they can be destructive and dangerous.

Three wildlife species in Wichita that commonly make a nuisance of themselves include:

  1. Raccoons
  2. Rodents (mice, rats, and squirrels)
  3. Birds (pigeons)

Local wildlife in and around commercial properties can bring problems to their facilities that impact operations and their reputation. When wildlife routinely visits, a wildlife control company like Pinnacle Solutions can save commercial facilities time and money by offering quick response times and efficient removal services.

The Many Problems Wildlife Can Create For Your Commercial Facility

Running a commercial facility has many unique problems; however, adding nuisance wildlife to the mix only compounds them. Since wildlife problems can cause conditions that affect buildings, products, and people, commercial facilities must be aware of how wildlife can impact their daily operations. Many nuisance critters transmit diseases; some carry rabies. Their waste creates unsanitary conditions around facilities, and their destructive behaviors often require costly repairs and cleanup.

Rodents are frequent invaders of commercial facilities that transmit diseases, are destructive with their gnawing capabilities, and contaminate products. Problem birds such as the pigeon continually expel corrosive waste that damage buildings, degrade stored items, and makes buildings unsightly. Nests are often built on ledges, under eaves, in the chimney, in electrical boxes, and along rafters, which can lead to structural issues and a fire hazard. With all the potential problems wildlife brings to commercial facilities, owners must get a jump on removing unwanted wildlife from their property. With the help of Pinnacle Solutions, nuisance wildlife removal in Wichita can save commercial facilities time and money.

Practical Wildlife Prevention Tips For Your Business

Most critters would prefer to avoid human interaction, but when food, water, and shelter supplies grow short outside, your commercial facility might provide just what they need for survival. Commercial facilities can initiate some simple steps to help curtail unwanted wildlife incursions.

Simple steps to help curtail wildlife intrusions at your commercial facility include:

  • Trim tree branches away from buildings and keep landscaping tidy.
  • Garbage placed outside should be kept in tightly-sealed containers.
  • Repair moisture leaks in and around facilities; eliminate any standing water.
  • Identify and seal any holes, gaps, and cracks (especially where wires and pipes come in).
  • Screen vents and chimneys.
  • Protect areas on structures that accommodate bird nesting.

Handling wildlife pest control on your own is never encouraged. Wild creatures can be dangerous when threatened, and some areas where prevention measures need placing are challenging to reach and hazardous. When you contact the pest professionals at Pinnacle Solutions, commercial facilities can be confident that their wildlife problems are handled efficiently and safely by experts specially trained in wildlife pest control services in Wichita.

The Most Successful Wildlife Control Method For Wichita Businesses

Hiring a company that offers highly trained technicians experienced in wildlife control methods is the best way to remove nuisance wildlife from your commercial facility. At Pinnacle Solutions, our company goes above and beyond industry standards in ensuring safe and effective wildlife removal. People are our number one priority; therefore, we will listen to your concerns and develop a comprehensive plan that will fit your needs and address your specific wildlife problems. Call Pinnacle Solutions today for nuisance wildlife prevention and removal.