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Don't Let Roaches Run Amock In Your Wichita Restaurant


Imagine for a second a popular dish that you serve at your restaurant. Now imagine it with a cockroach on it. How would it be received by your patrons? Chances are if any of your guests found a roach on (or off) their food, they would leave and not come back. They would probably even bring their experience to the internet. We are here today to make sure this never happens. Here is everything you should know about cockroaches in Wichita and how to keep these pests out of your building.

What To Do About Roaches In Your Restaurant

Although roaches can live outside, many species prefer to invade local buildings to find food, moisture, and shelter. The question is: how do you get rid of cockroaches after they invade? If you are dealing with roaches inside your Wichita restaurant, here is what you need to do. First, give the professionals at Pinnacle Solutions a call. There is absolutely no better way to remove these pests than with professional help. Our team will perform a detailed inspection of your property, assess the extent of your problem, and put in place treatments to get these pests out fast. We are an experienced pest control provider and will make sure the job gets done right the first time. 

The Problems Roaches Can Cause In Your Wichita Restaurant

A cockroach infestation is a quick way to lose your business. To start, cockroaches spread harmful disease-causing organisms. If they contaminate your food with their fecal droppings, your patrons could get very sick. German cockroaches, the most common species of cockroaches in Wichita, carry and spread 33 different dangerous bacteria, seven human pathogens, and six types of parasitic worms. 

Cockroaches are not only a health risk for your customers but also a huge threat to your reputation. If one of your customers finds a roach in their food or skittering under their feet, they will not let it go easily. The best-case scenario is that they inform you of the problem and then don’t come back. The worst-case scenario is that they leave a negative comment and call a health inspector. We don’t have to explain why these things are bad.

Six Tips To Keeping Your Restaurant Pest Free

There are many different kinds of cockroaches in Wichita. Thankfully, they all invade businesses in the same way and for the same reasons. To help you reduce your chances of a roach infestation, here are six prevention tips to know.

  1. Keep your interior spaces clean and reduce clutter where you can.
  2. Store all of your food inside air-tight containers or inside a fridge or freezer.
  3. Address moisture issues in and around your restaurant.
  4. Make sure your restaurant building's exterior is properly sealed.
  5. Take out your trash regularly and make sure all of your bins have tight-fitting lids.
  6. Invest in professional year-round cockroach control to keep out a range of invasive pests, including roaches.

Commercial Pest Control In Wichita You Can Trust

At Pinnacle Solutions, we do not just offer emergency elimination services for roaches. We also offer detailed year-round treatment plans to aid local restaurant owners. If you are looking to reduce your stress and keep pests such as cockroaches away, we are your best choice. Our team of commercial specialists will custom design a plan to keep your building pest-free year-round and schedule regular service visits to make sure your protection stays strong through every season.

Contact our team today to learn more about our commercial pest control in Wichita and schedule your restaurant for a service visit.