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A Spring Pest Prevention Guide For Wichita Food Grade Facilities


Pest prevention is an essential priority for any food-grade facility. It's essential to know what you're up against and the most effective methods for dealing with any pests that dare show themselves in or near your place of business. If even a single pest of any sort is found in your facility, you have a big problem on your hands. That's why we've arranged this quick guide to pest prevention in Wichita.

Pests That Invade Wichita Food Grade Facilities

There are a wide variety of potential pests seeking easy food and shelter from your property. By inviting themselves in, they spread all manner of diseases. To avoid a contaminated workplace and ruined productivity, it's important to address a problem as soon as it arises, but even more important to prevent pests from entering in the first place. To protect your facilities from pests, you have to know what to look for. Here's a shortlist of some pests commonly found trying to infest Wichita food-grade facilities.

  • Rodents
  • Roaches
  • Termites
  • Flies
  • Beetles
  • Moths
  • Spiders

With some of these pests, having one will eventually lead to another moving in. Flies and roaches will feed on the droppings left by rodents, which will cause spiders to move in and hunt them. All of these pests are prolific health hazards and can contaminate entire facilities in a short period of time. 

All The Problems Pests Can Cause In A Wichita Facility

Pests of any kind will cause significant damage to your property's value, your reputation, the quality of your product, and the overall health and safety of your facility. From unruly rodents that spread disease with their droppings and cause hazardous property damage with their constant gnawing to the unsightly roaches and flies that flock to any potential source of food or moisture available, pests are an eminent problem for any facility. Because of how difficult most pests can be to eliminate once they've taken root, it is of the utmost importance to practice proper prevention measures against a wide variety of potential threats.

Pest Prevention Tips For Wichita Food Facilities

Although it can seem impossible to cover all your bases, there are a few common themes across all areas of pest prevention. For the most general tips to keep your facility safe from a relatively wide range of the most common pests, refer to these simple steps:

Clean and declutter regularly

Practice proper garbage disposal

Repair and maintain your property to the highest standard possible

Partner with a knowledgeable professional

How To Make Sure Pests Stay Away From Your Wichita Business

A pest problem can seem insurmountable if you are attempting to tackle it alone. There are such a prolific variety of potential pests; it's almost impossible to know when or from where they might strike, much less treat a problem when it arises. That's why most businesses partner with a professional pest control service. If you want the best in commercial pest control, reach out to Pinnacle Solutions. We specialize in commercial services and have developed a comprehensive treatment plan for any business. With years of experience and refinement under our belt, Pinnacle Solutions is proud to provide an easy answer to any infestation. 

No matter your industry of choice, Pinnacle Solutions is there to ensure you operate at optimal efficiency at all times. Don't let a pest problem impede your profit or ruin your reputation. For a free consultation, reach out at your earliest convenience, and we'll take care of the rest. We start by identifying any possible problems and end with ongoing guidance and guaranteed protection. Pest control has never been easier with Pinnacle Solutions. Call us today to learn more!