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How To Keep Rodents From Invading Kansas City Hotels


Rodents are the largest single category of mammals, constituting more than 1,500 different species. Rodents are primarily omnivorous creatures that will capitalize on opportunities to invade Kansas City businesses in search of food, water, or shelter.

The Environmental Health Services division in Kansas City is responsible for regulating lodging establishments in this region and remains committed to ensuring that the health and safety of hotel patrons are protected. The agency requires that routine inspections are conducted to identify the presence of pests and that these businesses have preventative maintenance, control, and elimination services performed by qualified pest services providers.

Hotel operators who are facing difficult problems with rodents should promptly contact a local pest management company. The pros at Pinnacle Solutions understand the best methods of safely providing rodent control in Kansas City.

How To Identify Common Types Of Rodents In Kansas City\

What are some of the most problematic rodents in Missouri for businesses in the hospitality industry? Two of the most prevalent types of rodents in this region are house mice and roof rats.

Common house mice are very small rodents with bodies measuring roughly 2 to 4 inches long with tails of approximately the same length.  Their fur generally appears brownish or gray with white underbellies.

Roof rats or black rats have long, lean bodies measuring approximately 6 to 8 inches with tails of a similar length. Roof rats are adept climbers who often will search the upper areas of structures for openings that allow entry.   

Don't Ignore A Rodent Problem In A Commercial Space

What are some of the telltale signs indicating that your commercial property has been infiltrated by kinds of rodents? Once inside a structure, mice and rats will typically begin rummaging through trash, pantries, and other areas where food exists. Rodents will leave trails of droppings before unpleasant odors begin emerging. Rodents often damage materials such as fabric, paper products, or insulation as they gather materials for constructing nests.

The Role Of Sanitation: Keep Rodents Away By Eliminating Attractants

When it comes to effective rodent prevention, hotel operators in the Kansas City region should consider adopting some of the following best practices:

  • Trash dumpsters must have functional lids that prevent access.
  • All food scraps in outdoor areas should be promptly removed and disposed of.
  • Adopt and adhere to regular, daily cleaning schedules, particularly in any areas where food is prepared, consumed, or stored.
  • Limiting any standing water by promptly repairing any leaky plumbing or appliances.  

Mice, rats, and other types of rodents are resilient scavengers that might still thwart your best efforts to keep them off of your hotel property. For effective rodent control solutions, local businesses should immediately contact a team of qualified professionals after initially detecting the presence of these dangerous critters. Trained technicians will promptly respond and are equipped with many of the latest tools to efficiently expel rodent infestations.

Professional Rodent Control: The Safe Way To Remove An Infestation

Are you looking for answers regarding how to eliminate troublesome rodents from your commercial property? Business owners and managers in Kansas City should take action by getting in touch with a local commercial pest control company. With years of industry experience, Pinnacle Solutions remains among the leading providers of Kansas City rodent control services for businesses operating in a variety of different commercial settings.

Upon our initial visit to the property, our service professionals conduct a comprehensive assessment of the interior and exterior areas. We identify likely points of entry, any nesting sites, and existing property conditions that are attracting rodents and other types of unwanted pests.

Our organization creates customized treatment options to eliminate existing pests and devise ongoing commercial property protection plans.

For further information about our commercial pest control solutions, contact our office today.