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A Brief History Of Pest Control For Wichita Business Owners

commercial pest control

Operating a business means safeguarding both the customers and employees in brick and mortar locations. One way to accomplish this task is to deter pests. A brief history of pest control for Wichita business owners can illuminate those interested in building pest-free empires. Our highly trained commercial specialists at Pinnacle Solutions can execute a customized plan that works.

Pests: A Historic Overview

Scientists continue to develop new theories, but it is pretty safe to say that insects have existed for hundreds of millions of years. The earliest types of rodents may have originated around 50 million years ago. Even before recorded historical events, pests were alive, well, and up to no good, so humans were inevitably forced to deal with them.

Dealing With Pests Through The Centuries

Trying to control pests isn't a new pursuit of the human race. Even ancient civilizations had to come up with ways to keep pests at bay. As knowledge increased, the science of controlling pests has evolved over the years.  

Ancient Pest Control Methods

A brief history of pest control for Wichita businesses is not complete without touching upon the age-old attempts of deterring unwelcome critters:

  • Natural Materials: Herbs, arsenic, and tobacco were used by several early cultures to combat pests. Citrus fruits were utilized similarly.
  • Phenology: Using seasonal patterns and events related to farming was a method employed by the Chinese to discourage pests.
  • Provisions: One of the first methods of dealing with pests was simply planting enough of the desired food, so plenty of crops were available for everyone.
  • Soap: The Chinese began using soap to try and destroy bothersome insects.
  • Sulfur: The choice insect deterrent of ancient Sumerians? Sulfur compounds.

Modern Day Pest Control In Wichita

Pesticides were tried and tested through the decades and have developed into what is now available today. Worshipping deities in
hopes of growing healthy wheat crops unscathed by pests, as the ancient Romans did, is now seen as ineffective. However, some methods of rotating and genetically diversifying crops to control pests are still practiced. 

Trial and error eventually led to the development of the first synthetic types of pesticides in the early part of the 20th century. Certain chemicals were discovered to be effective against pests. Nowadays, somewhat of a hybrid approach that combines knowledge from time-tested methods and some of the latest advancements in science works well. 

Commercial Pest Control Program

Choosing Pinnacle Solutions means being able to get in touch whenever the need arises; our clients have access to our 24-hour answering service every day of the week. Treatment plans can be discussed once problems are discovered. We have a wide array of options tailored to meet regional business owners' needs. Additionally, we are members of the esteemed National Pest Management Association (NPMA). 

Once we deal with any pre-existing pest issues, we look at a comprehensive solution. We can implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to ensure long-term goals are met while reducing the use of chemicals. Our commercial specialists continuously address both the interior and exterior areas to keep creepy crawlies away effectively. 

Protecting Wichita Businesses Against Pests

Taking care of everything to keep a business running smoothly can be a challenge. Our commercial specialists at Pinnacle Solutions are glad to put pest concerns to rest. Understanding a brief history of pest control for Wichita business owners is a practical first step towards tackling this type of problem. Contact Pinnacle Solutions for infestation assistance or to learn how we can protect your business from pests.