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What Parents & Teachers Need To Know About Bed Bugs In Kansas City Schools

August 14, 2020

Bed bugs are on this list of concerning critters. They pierce human skin, suck blood, and leave red, itchy welts on our bodies. They procreate at a fast rate, and can easily follow people around. School officials have to be proactive in preventing them, so as not to worry parents, students, and teachers. The more you know about bed bugs and Pinnacle Solutions’ commercial control, the better.... Read More

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Hospitals In Kansas City Need Extra Bed Bug Protection

February 28, 2020

A name reveals a lot about a creature. For instance, honey bees make honey, sloths are naturally lazy and slow, and bed bugs, you guessed it, like hanging around beds. This by logic means that where there are more beds, there will be a higher chance of bed bug activity, and what place has more beds than a hospital?... Read More

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Preventing Pest Problems In Topeka's Commercial Facilities

January 22, 2020

Commercial facility environments require the highest level of professional pest control. Appropriate products must be selected and trusted strategies must be followed to ensure the desired results and to adhere to all governmental regulatory standards. At Pinnacle Solutions, our commercial service team has the professionalism, certifications, and experience to give your business the support it needs. Do you have questions about commercial pest... Read More

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Impact Bed Bugs Have On Hotels During The Busy Holiday Season

December 16, 2019

The holiday season can bring many guests into your hotel. That means more revenue. But holiday guests can bring something else that could cut into your revenue and hurt your reputation: Bed bugs. Today, we're talking about the threat bed bugs present and what you can do to guard against them.... Read More

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