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How To Protect Wichita Food Processing Facilities From Spring Pests

February 15, 2021

Most Wichita businesses have periods where their income substantially increases about the same time every year. For instance, a beach resort is likely to have an annual boom around the spring and summer. These intervals are exciting for any entrepreneur. However, pests have peak seasons too, and they can disrupt the good fortune. It’s important that entrepreneurs in the food industry understand what insects and creatures are most active ... Read More

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What Parents & Teachers Need To Know About Bed Bugs In Kansas City Schools

August 14, 2020

Bed bugs are on this list of concerning critters. They pierce human skin, suck blood, and leave red, itchy welts on our bodies. They procreate at a fast rate, and can easily follow people around. School officials have to be proactive in preventing them, so as not to worry parents, students, and teachers. The more you know about bed bugs and Pinnacle Solutions’ commercial control, the better.... Read More

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