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a bed bug on a ripped piece of paper

Bed Bugs And Schools: What Wichita, KS School Officials Need To Know

August 13, 2021

There aren’t many pests that don’t cause some form of distress. Not only are they scary to look at, but they are also ruinous. If they don’t wreck belongings or buildings, they can put human health in jeopardy. Several can attack people or distribute disease. Business or establishment owners in Wichita could lose out on profits, support, and licensure in the wake of a pest takeover.... Read More

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How To Protect Wichita Food Processing Facilities From Spring Pests

February 15, 2021

Most Wichita businesses have periods where their income substantially increases about the same time every year. For instance, a beach resort is likely to have an annual boom around the spring and summer. These intervals are exciting for any entrepreneur. However, pests have peak seasons too, and they can disrupt the good fortune. It’s important that entrepreneurs in the food industry understand what insects and creatures are most active ... Read More

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Preventing Pest Problems In Topeka's Commercial Facilities

January 22, 2020

Commercial facility environments require the highest level of professional pest control. Appropriate products must be selected and trusted strategies must be followed to ensure the desired results and to adhere to all governmental regulatory standards. At Pinnacle Solutions, our commercial service team has the professionalism, certifications, and experience to give your business the support it needs. Do you have questions about commercial pest... Read More

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How to Pass a Food Grade Audit

September 27, 2019

One of the biggest focuses of any type of food grade audit is pest management. Auditors will evaluate your pest control plan and will monitor how effective that plan is. One of the top reasons food processing facilities are fined or shut down is improper or ineffective pest management. For detailed information about what a food grade audit includes, you can view this report from Global Food Safety Resource.... Read More

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Ground Beetle Prevention Steps For The Return Of School Season

August 23, 2019

In Kansas schools, having a pest control plan is vital to the health of students and the protection of property. It also makes life easier by addressing nuisance pests like the many species of ground beetles that can invade man-made structures. It's hard enough getting kids to focus without adding the routine appearance of beetles in and around the classroom. Here are a few things to keep in mind as we prepare to head back to school.... Read More

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Benefits Of Commercial Pest Control In Retirement Communities

June 28, 2019

When folks in Topeka reach retirement age, they begin to consider the benefits of living in a retirement community. Seniors are looking for a high quality of life as they live out the remained of their years. One of the greatest benefits of a commercial pest control plan is that it helps to provide this high quality of life.... Read More

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Problems Pest Birds Cause In Audited Facilities And Grocery Stores

June 10, 2019

How clean does your building have to be on a daily basis? We know for most facilities that deal with food, cleanliness is extremely high on the priority list. Things like sanitation and general clean up are done every day to ensure products remain uncontaminated and that the overall environment stays clean for consumers. When birds and their dirty habits are introduced into the equation, this job becomes increasingly more difficult. Are you in... Read More

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The Impact Drain Flies Have On Grocery Stores And Restaurants

May 15, 2019

If you own a business that handles or sells food and drinks, one of your jobs is to keep these items from being contaminated. Sometimes this task is as simple as storing them in airtight containers in a freezer so bacteria cannot get in and cause rot or decay. At other times, a little more effort is required.... Read More

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Tips For Missouri Restaurants To Keep Their Kitchens Roach-Free

April 15, 2019

What would your worst-case scenario be when it comes to running a restaurant business? We are sure that if you spent some time thinking about it, you could come up with several things that could go drastically wrong. You put precautions in place to ensure things run smoothly and nothing gets in the way of doing what you do best. Unfortunately, pests, like cockroaches, are one of those things that can make everything fall apart quickly.... Read More